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Affordable bodywork in downtown Berkeley

To get through our busy lives we get used to pain and stress. This tolerance is a useful technique to help us get done what needs to be done. But it's also important to take time to relax and renew; to reconnect with our body and remember the miracles that we are. I offer three styles of bodywork that I fell in love with 20 years ago. Each has a unique effect and flavor (read descriptions below). I find simplicity to be powerfully effective and strive to achieve this through my bodywork style and offerings. All sessions are around 60 minutes.

Fridays: 10:30am - 4pm at the Berkeley Acupuncture Project


Amma/Shiatsu $45 - $65 sliding scale (~60 minutes)

Reflexology $35 (1 hour)


Read more about my sliding scale here.

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Zen Shiatsu is a slow moving full body massage. Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothes (oils and lotions are not used). Moderate to deep stationary pressure is applied to acupressure points and meridians. Gentle to deep stretching techniques are also employed. In addition to pain relief and muscle and joint health, circulation and organ functions are supported. After a Zen Shiatsu session you should feel relaxed and revitalized.

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Amma is a full body 'table' massage. Clients should wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. You'll be kept warm and cozy under linens. A relaxing and rhythmic circular motion is applied to the meridians, muscles, and joints (oils and lotions are generally not used). Though excessive pressure is not applied, this effective massage technique  penetrates into the deeper connective layers to achieve relaxation and supports healthy organ function. After an Amma Therapy session you should feel centered and renewed.


Foot reflexology is received on a table and administered solely on the feet (lotion may be used). More than just a relaxing foot rub, reflexology uses a microsystem representative of the complete human form. It is an in-depth modality that applies varying techniques and degrees of pressure to stimulate homeostasis and metabolic function to support whole body health. After a reflexology session you should feel relaxed and renewed all over.



Coming soon...
Session includes back and/or neck massage before or after your treatment (based on your needs). 
Gua sha (also know as 'scraping') and cupping are Traditional Chinese Medicine massage techniques used to treat pain. In TCM pain is understood to be caused by qi and blood stagnation - essentially insufficient circulation of energy and blood. Gua sha utilizes vigorous scrapping with an antler, jade, glass, or plastic tool along the muscles. Cupping entails placing glass, stone, ceramic or plastic cups on the muscles and removing the air within (thereby causing suction to occur.) Both are applied to large muscle groups (typically the back) to improve circulation and reduce pain. Both techniques can be used to reduce tension and pain, support the immune system, and improve circulation generally. NOTE: Both gua sha and cupping will leave marks and/or bruises on the skin. This is normal and in TCM considered a sign that the modality is having the proper effect.



Massage and bodywork are offered on Fridays, 10:30 - 4pm

1834 University Ave Berkeley Ca 94703